Skriven av: Arno J. Burnier D.C.
As a Chiropractor I have a deductive knowledge and wisdom of natural and universal laws as well as the living principles of health, healing and wellbeing.
That is my speciality, my field of expertise.
What we know biologically is that fear is an actual chemical reaction in every cells of the body. If you do not know that, just know that dogs and animals do detect the smell of those chemicals.
Fear and anxiety, shortens the breath. This decreases oxygen to the tissues and especially the respiratory system.
Fear leads to a decreased immune response.
Fear places the nerve system into a fight-flight sympathetic mode. This causes the body to release stress hormones, further impairing the immune system.
Fear leads to a negative outcome when it comes to health and healing.
On the other hand, trust also creates its own chemistry. A positive one. This too can be smelled by animals. A fact of science.
Trust deepens respiration. It increases oxygen supply to all cells, tissues, organs and systems.
Calmer breathing facilitate a shift from sympathetic, fight-flight state into a parasympathetic relaxation mode.
Thus reducing, to eliminating the stress response. In a short time, the stress chemicals/hormones are eliminated from the body.
Yes viruses are real. Yet the outcome is a balance between the microorganism and the resistance of the host.
Viruses in and of themselves do NOT cause diseases, unless they ’germinate’ in a fertile soil: a weak immune or immature immune system.
If they did cause disease, then 100% of the population would get sick, which is not the case and was not the case in 1918.
This is the time, to take ’time out’. This is the time to go inward. This is the time to slow down, reflect, meditate, exercise at home, read, grow, create and reset.
This is the time to support your community and calm the fear and anxiety with your words.
This is the time to instill trust in all who are willing to listen and put the mass media frenzy in perspective.

One can join the mass panic, hysteria, fear frenzy or stay grounded, centered and positive.
Viruses have their own cycle. This too shall pass. Fog cannot last always.
In time we were proven correct, by evolving science, in our understanding and knowledge. (The primordial importance of the nerve system in health and sickness, The purpose of fever, the roles of tonsils and appendix as fuse boxes for the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems, not to ice sprain-strain injuries, etc…)
TRUST, TRUST, TRUST while also using common sense.
Sami Wagner
Leg. Kiropraktor
Doctor of Chiropractic