Wellness Care.

It is the hallmark of any good practitioner to prevent what they treat. In other words; It is not responsible to treat the same proglem over and over again without also trying to treat its causes and prevent it from recurring.

Enter the "wellness" care concept. Wellness and prevention has recently become a "hot topic" in the recent years, but it was introduced to the public by chiropractors profession more than 30 years ago.

Knowing the statistics e.g. on recurring low back pain it only makes sense to design a lifestyle around prevention and wellness instead of having to seek acute treatment over and over again each time the problem resurfaces. From a personal producticity and employer standpoint, the reduced sick-leave days preventative care should be of significant interest.

While the medical profession has made great efforts to step up to prevent some of the effects of lifestyle related diseases (obesity, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases), they don't have a strong offering in the spine department - it makes little sense to take pain medication when you don't have pain.