Everyone is different! It therefore goes to reason that different people should have different care. We provide an individualized program for everyone, tailored to provide the quickest possible and most cost effective recovery. We try to predict the best possible program and make changes as needed along the way.


Some health care providers provide extremely short programs, finishing care the day the symptoms are absent. Based on our experience and the statistics of recurrence of symptoms, we believe that the underlying problem persists for a period after symptoms have subsided and that terminating care on the first pain free day will lead to a premature recurrence of symptoms, requiring additional care and expenditure. We feel this is unsatisfactory for everyone involved and focus instead on a 3 step process:

1. Acute care: Providing maximal pain relief as soon as possible.

2. Stabilization: A less intensive phase with the purpose of stabilizing the normal function of the spine, allowing the surrounding soft tissues to heal and develop strong fibers needed to withstand the everyday stresses.

3. Preventative care: As statisticians put it: "The best predictor for occurrence of low back pain is having had a previous episode of low back pain". In regular language, this means that once you have had low back pain, it is extremely likely to re-occur at a later time. We have found that checking the spine on occasion - before the pain has started - is a great way of preventing re-occurrences. How often depends on a wide variety of factors, which include age, job, overall health, hobbies, etc.