Scientific Studies

While the medical profession and its associated sub-specialties have been able to do research with the backing of government funds, university hospitals and extremely wealthy pharmaceutical corporations, chiropractors have had fund our research by limited goverment grants or fund the research ourselves.

This is, obviously, no easy task, not from a financial standpoint, nor a practice standpoint (how do you charge patients for a "control" adjustment which is deliberately designed to have zero effect on the patient?) How can you make a living if you provide free care?

Even so, a small group of diligent researchers have been working to uncover the facts and mechanisms of why and how the chiropractic adjustment actually works.

Thanks to their efforts, we now have a good understanding of the neurology of the spinal joints and their associated structures, some understanding of how joint dysfuntion disturbs the function of the nervous system and a solid body of studies that outline the beneficial effects of chiropractic care both on large general populations and on groups with specific complaints, e.g. low back pain or whiplash


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