Safety of Chiropractic.

No effective intervention is without an inherent risc.

On occasion someone with an agenda will try to attack chiropractic for being a dangerous treatment, but this have proven repeatedly to be based on erroneous information, personal bias, hearsay and without scientific merit.

In fact, chiropractic has proven a safe and effective treatment option for a wide variety of conditions, while a number of studies have highlighted a significantly higher risc in medical treatment.

However, it does happen that someone with inadequate training or experience will employ a treatment method that is inappropriate for that patient or overlook an obvious contra indication. Of course, a single incident may catch the eye of a journalist looking for a ”good story” or someone who wishes us ill, but statistically chiropractic is significantly more safe than a variety of other traditional treatment options.

To reduce the risc it is important to choose a chiropractor with a thorough academic background and clinical training. LKR chiropractors have the best possible education, not just with expertise in how to best treat problems, but they also have the training to recognize problems that should not be treated chiropractically!