The New Patient Visit.

The first visit is probably the most important visit in the program of care. This is when we get the first impression of the nature of the problem; How it arose, how long time it has (really) been going on, and what might be the best way of relieving it.

We will go through the history of the problem and the symptoms, in the process generating a series of working diagnoses.

A physical exam of the troubled and related areas will help us narrow down the list to a list of key suspicions.

We will then start generating a plan for the most cost-effective solution along with any additional needed therapies (massage, physcal therapy, nutrition, etc) that might be needed to relieve the problem as quickly and effectively as possible.

Before starting on the first treatment, we go through a report of findings, where we discuss our findings, the implications and our preliminary plan of care.

We take the time necessary to explained the cause of the symptoms. This means that if at all possible, our patients have an understanding not only of how and why the problem started, but also how to prevent the problem from returning and what to do if it happens.