Low Force Techniques

Everyone is different! Pretty simple, yet not always easy to respect and implement. In practicality this means that everyone needs different kinds of care.

Some do extremely well with and prefer the classice chiropractic adjusting style, while others find it uncomfortable and scary. For this reason, a few completely refuse to try out chiropractic and decide to live a life filled with pain or painkillers.


At Wagner Kiropraktik we offer a variety of treatment choices, depending on need, patients preference and our assessment of the situation and what might work best.

We offer care to everyone, and care that anyone can tolerate. It is called "Low Force". This kind of care is gentle, yet very effective for the vast majorty of problems.

We have chosen to work with the Activator Instrument for our "low force" treatments, as it's clinical effects are well researched, it is very precise in its delivery of the force and easy to use.

We feel the low force approach, used for many of our patients, is an extremely powerful, yet very safe method of treatment, which allows us to treat almost anyone from the very young to the very frail.