Circuit training for women where we help you identify the right kind of workout for you and make a program that fits your goals. Complete workout for the entire body in just 30 minutes. Our machines are hydraulic which makes weights unnecessary. Our studio is always staffed, we do what we can to help and support you in your training.


SHE gym is the fitness center for women who want to succeed with their training.We help you find the shape of your life by considering you as a whole person and provide you with the tools to reach your goals.We are the personal training center where you are treated professionally.


RTP is a nationwide whiplash and polio patient advocacy and support group with offices, among others, in Malmö. RTP provides legal, health related advice and experience as well as support and treatment from various experts within the healthcare field.


The Raw Gym is a new workout concept, catering to the discriminating athlete. Geijersgatan 2 216 18 Malmö Tel.: 040 15 04 05