History of Chiropractic

Daniel David "D.D." Palmer

The time surrounding the turn of the century was exciting. Lots of new information streamed in from the various sciences and many were experimenting with various ways and principles to treat the body. The roots of chiropractic start in Davenport, Iowa, USA, in 1895 when Daniel David Palmer (”D.D. Palmer”) treated Harvey Lillard, a deaf janitor. Prior to that he had been working with magnetism to help people with various ailments. When Mr. Lillard regained his hearing after the treatment, it is very likly that D.D, Palmer then first thought that he had found the cure to all deafness. Most likely his next discovery was that that wasn't quite the case. What he had discovered, however, was a new paradigm within the acient art of manipulation and bonesetting: The ability to, through an optimization of the function of the spine and other joints in the body to affect the function of the nervous system and thereby health of the body

While this might sound far fetched and esoteric, the down-to-earth example is that chiropractors' excellent reputation for treating patients with among others headaches and sciatica.


History of Chiropractic - B.J. Palmer

B. J. Palmer, also called "The Developer of Chiropratic". Dr. B.J. Palmer launched his colorful career by assuming the responsibility of the Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1904. His contributions included extensive research, improved methods of spinal adjusting and analysis, higher standards for chiropractic education, and increased appreciation for chiropractic worldwide. B.J. battled on many fronts both legal and legislative obstacles to the licensing of chiropractors and financial challenges to the school. He was often the center of controversy, but well before his death in 1961, chiropractic had secured a place among the health sciences.

History of Chiropractic - David Palmer.


David Palmer

David Palmer, barnbarn till kiropraktikens grundare, antog Palmers presidentskap 1961. Han tog bestämda beslut och lyckades vinna erkännande för Palmer Collage of Chiropractic i Davenport, Iowa, vilket tillät högskolans medlemskap i kretsen av USA:s erkända universitet och högskolor.