Pain in the hip, knee and ankle/foot.


Hip Pain.

The hip joint, like the shoulder joint is complex and very movable. We find that some of the symptoms that seem to arise from here have causes from other joints. We work to resolve all the possibilites for the pain.

Knee Pain.

Many come to us with unresolved knee pain. They have tried several type of care, including training, stretching and other therapies with little or temporary success.

It is our experience that these kinds of therapies work best when the alignment and function of the knee joint is optimized. We therefore work with medical doctors, physical therepists and personal trainers to optimize the knee function.


Foot and Ankle Pain.

There are a wide variety of causes of foot and ankle pain. We often find functional problems in the affected joints, complicated by old injruies or longstanding problems, such as overpronation and/or flat feet. We work to correct the functional problems and often try to recommend a followup strategy to prevent recurrence of the problems.