Midback pain.

Chest Pain.

Since chest pain can be caused by heart problems we prefer that our new patients have received a medical evaluation prior to starting care if chest pain is present.

Spine Pain.

The midback (thoracic region) is the most stable part of the spine, yet many of our patients experience pain there.

The pain can arise from muscles (e.g. trapezius) or midback muscles, the spinal joints or from ribs.

Rib Pain.

The ribs can be a source of incredible pain, which in som instances can look a lot like chest pain from a heart attack. The pain can range from deep and boaring to burning with sparks of extreme pain with certain movements or body positions, it can radiate to the left arm and neck just like a heart attack can. Once we are certain that heart attack is not a possibility the problem is easily and realtively quickly treated with chiropractic care.