Learning to treat or "manipulate" or "adjust" the spine is not something you can learn over a weekend or do on an occasional patient! It takes years of training and lots of experience with lots of different bodies and responses to develop the mastery required to safely and effectively adjust the spine with fairly predictable results. We think of it as both a science and an art.

While it is not difficult get the spine to "pop" (as the person is doing in the picture on the right), getting the exact effect at the exact level at the exact split second when the patient is most relaxed and ready requires many years of daily practice and experience. We take pride in our adjusting skills.

Long lever manipulation - this is NOT a chiropractic procedure!!. Which joint is the "treater" affecting here? Does he know? What do you think the patient is thinking and feeling at that exact moment?

What is the "pop"?

For starters; it is not bones breaking! It is also not really significant. Some joints don't really have the ability to pop, yet we correct their function every day.

The pop is meerly a sign of a rapid change in pressure inside the joint, which is associated with the formation of a little nitrogen bubble inside the joint fluid. This little gas bubble settles into the fluid again after a couple of minutes, after which the joint is as before, only with better function.

The effect can best be equated to a supersonic airplane. The "sonic boom" when the plane breaks the sound barrier is a sound that it happened, it is does not make the plane go any faster.