Kids & Chiropractic

Kids are people too!!

Yes, we treat kids, and YES - it is completely legal in Sweden. For a period in the previous millenium Swedish legislation lagged hopelessly behind the rest of the western world, but the age limitation for treating children has since been lifted.

Kids can have spine problems and pain just as do adults, however, they may not possess the means of communicating it so we can readily understand them. This means that we may have to rely on our training and experience to interpret the indicators that we do have.

Chiropractic care for children is extremely safe as we modify our procedures to match the child's size.

The successes of chiropractic care for certain classic pediatric problems, such as otitis media (middle ear infection) appears to be somewhat annecdotal, while studies have confirmed excellent results with other problems such as colic.

We deeply appreciate the intricacies and inherent dangers in treating children and prefer to work in cooporation with the child's medical doctor to try to resolve the problem.


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