Sami Wagner, D.C.

Sami Wagner is a "Legitimerad Kiropraktor" (Registered Chiropractor) by Socialstyrelsen. She recieved her Doctor of Chiropractic degree (D.C.) from Life Chiropractic College-West in 1997 after having completed the prerequisite work at Odense Universitet from 1991 – 1993.

Sami & Niels have worked together in the San Francisco Bay Area for 13 years before the family relocated to Scandinavia in 2006.

Sami has an extensive background in chiropractic analysis and technique, having completed many post graduate seminars and workshops.

Sami specializes in gentle, yet effective ”low force” techniques, the approach of choice for a wide variety of cases, including pre-natal treatment, babies, children and pregnancy, another key-interest area for Sami. However, as she has experienced, this gentle technique is actually preferred by by many of our patients who seek her care for pain in the low back, neck as well as a variety of other problems.