About the Body.

The body is an amazing! The more we work with it, the more we are in awe of its incredible power and ability to sustain function, compensate and work around challenges. Chiropractors work primarily with the joints of the spine, but often also with joints in the feet, shoulders, etc as needed to achieve the function and relief needed.

The spine consists of 24 movable segments (there are individual deviations from this configuration) distributed over 7 segments in the neck (cervical spine), 12 in the mid back (thoracic spine) and 5 in the low back (lumbar spine).


The function of the spine is to protect the nervous system while providing a movable pillar to keep the body upright. The relationship between the spine and the nervous system is extremely delicate and we daily see evidence that even minor changes in the motionpatterns of the spine over time can have quite detrimental effects on the functioning of the nervous system.

Anyone who has met a person with a broken spine or disc herniation has wittnessed the sometimes dramatic effect that dysfunction of the spine can have on the nervous system.

Only a small fraction of our patients have that level of pain, even smaller changes in the function of the spine can lead to significant health problems.

Thankfully, we have found that normalizing the function of the spine will often reverse most if not all the symptoms.